Application information for the International Class for Culinary Arts

Thank you for your interest in the International Class. Here is some information for you:

There are several requirements should you wish to attend our Foundation Program: International Class for Culinary Arts:

  1.   All classes are taught in English, therefore your English level must be adequate.
  2.   Danish language classes are mandatory for all students who do not have documentation for Danish at level E, and you are expected to sit for the level E exam at the end of the Foundation Program.
  3.   For applicants who have gone to school in Denmark, you must have a passing grade at the 9th grade level in both Danish and Mathematics. The equivalent from a language school is also accepted.
  4.   For applicants from other nations, you must have a passing grade at the 9th grade level in your own language and in Mathematics. (See also requirement 2.)
  5.   You must be an E.U. or E.E.A. citizen, or have a permanent residence permit in Denmark, or are in anticipation of getting such a permanent residence permit.

Please note that the program is especially designed for those students who are already living in Denmark, and who have already learned some Danish.

Where do I go after the International Class?

Upon completing the International Class, you are expected to get a culinary internship in Denmark, and attend classes at the college. Please note that these classes during your internship period are mandatory and only taught in Danish.

Therefore, we can’t stress enough the importance of learning Danish.

Only the foundation program is taught in English. The main culinary program is taught in Danish.

The total duration of the professional chef’s education in Denmark is 3 years and 9 months.

There are no tuition fees at the college. You are expected to have your own chef’s uniform. You can bring your own or you can borrow one from the school. Knives are provided.

Lastly, we do not provide student housing.

How do I apply?

You can only apply through the website: This is can be a difficult website to navigate. Therefore, it is to your advantage to visit the college, so that we can help you.

Further questions?

Please contact International Class coordinator Stephen Chase by mail or student counsellor Leena Boman by mail or phone 3386 2290