Bean to Bar chocolate course

Create your very own signature chocolate all the way from bean selection to drying, roasting, conching and molding the perfect chocolate bar with your own, personal touch.

Bean to Bar chocolate course

Du you have a special passion for chocolate, and do you want to develope your very own signature chocolate all the way from bean to bar? Maybe you work at a restaurant with a dream of offering guests a chocolate experience showcasing exactly what your restaurant is all about.

On our Bean to bar chocolate course teaches you the theory behind professional chocolate making, from terroir and growing methods, and what it means for the final quality of the cocoa beans, to the many other important parts of chocolate making; fermenting, drying, roasting, conching and much more.

You will be roasting and conching on professional machines from CocoaTown; one of the worlds leading producers of machinery for small scale craft chocolate making. We will work on identifying errors in produktion, learn about sensory analysis and taste test chocolate from a variety of micro batches - as well as the products you will be making yourself.

Course teachers will be Tor Stubbe, one of Denmarks leading chocolate makers, and the schools own chocolatier and dessert chef, Rene Wagner. More on them further down the page.

Price of the course includes breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack both days.

OBS: Tidligere elever på Hotel- og Restaurantskolen kan tilmelde sig vores kurser med 40% rabat.

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2 days from 9.00-17.00
2990 kr. incl. VAT

You will learn:

  • The theory behind growing, harvesting, fermenting and drying raw cocoa beans
  • How to roast the beans and how different sorts and temperatures impact the final product
  • How to grind and conch the beans into a perfectly smooth chocolate mass
  • How to introduce milk and other flavors in the chocolate making process
  • Tempering and molding the final chocolate into a shiny bar with the perfetct snap


Gæstelærer på Hotel- og Restaurantskolen Tor Stubbe

Tor Stubbe

Tor Stubbes passion for chocolate and the dessert kitchen has taken him across Europe where he has been working in both London, Barcelona and until recently in Girona with Casa Cacao, run by the team behind the iconic restaurant El Cellar de Can Roca.

After participating twice at World Chocolate Masters, Tor har gone all in on his work with Bean to Bar chocolate, and over the past year he has been developing his own chocolate brand back home in Denmark.

René Wagner

Chef and chocolatier René Wagner has a wide range of experience working with chocolate both from the industry and as a teacher. He has completed professional courses both in Denmark and abroad on anything from sensory analysis to ganache and the production of bean to bar chocolate.

He has taught on courses and educations at thexyz for more than 14 years, most of them with desserts, pastries and chocolate at the center of attention.

EUD Faglærer og Konkurrencetræner for Gastronom – Hovedforløb på Hotel- og Restaurantskolen René Wagner

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Useful information

Food on the school

While taking a course at the school, you have several options for lunch.

  • The Restaurant. Employees, pupils, and course participants can eat a lunch menu made by our gastronomy pupils, and served by our waiter pupils.
  • Spisehuset. This is our canteen where you will find affordable green food.
  • Kaffebaren. This is the place to buy sandwiches, salads, fruit, and coffee.
  • Madboderne. When our pupils have made food, bread, ice cream, and cake - this is where you can taste it for yourself.
  • Bar' Kaf. If you have an urgent need for coffee, you will be served barista- quality coffee by our receptionist pupils.

Smoke-free school

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The restriction bans all tobacco products including cigarettes, e-cigarrettes, and chewing tobacco.


If you have lessons in the kitchen, you have to wear an approved uniform. 

You can bring your own or borrow one from the school. 

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