Service and Hospitality package 13. May-3. June 2020

While you are waiting to get back to normal, why not book your staff on this ultimate 14 days hospitality package, that will broaden their horizon and turn them into mini ambassadors. 

All the courses are given online.

The package will upgrade you within personal skills, hospitality and sale.

If you are working within the hospitality industry (both in the back or front of house) and would like to improve your communication / selling & service skills, then this course is definitely valuable for you.

On this course “Service and Hospitality” we will take you on a hospitality journey. You will learn about communication and different conversation techniques, so you can understand how to communicate differently and what you should be aware of in other people. You will also be able to handle conflicts with guests and colleagues in a harmonious way.

We will focus on the different subjects that will help you improve your level of service and hospitality skills / attitude. Subjects like body language, tone of voice and product knowledge can help you exceed guest expectations, based on the company’s possibilities.

You will be taught how to develop a strategy for marketing for the food production, based on the knowledge for the different segmentation of the market. This will also gain you, if you work in the front of house, as you will be getting the “full picture” of your company. Most importantly we also need to spend some days diving into aspects of culture.  You will gain international insight into your industry as well as an understanding of societal forms and norms across cultures.

If you would like to guarantee a space, then you can sign up here today.

Courses in the package:

48870 Service and Hospitality Level 1  13. May 2020 (1 day)
48871 Service and Hospitality Level 2   14.-15. May 2020 (2 days)
44853 Communication and cultural understanding 18.-20. May 2020 (3 days)
48867 Conflict mangement Level 1   22. May (1 day)
48869 Conflict mangement Level 2   25.-26. May 2020 (2 days)
40003 Sale and Service  27.-28. May 2020 (2 days)
48796 Service and Sales within food production  29. May + 2.-3. June 2020 (3 days)

Course package in total 14 days

In order to attend,  you have to have access to internet and have an e-mail address. We will support you technically during the package if you are using a PC or a MAC with a funchtional microphone  and webcam, has Google Crome as browser and a Google acount.