Flasker med naturvin i en butik.

Natural Wine Sommelier

Become specialized within the world of natural wines

Natural Wine Sommelier

Natural or low intervention wines are not a trend – they are an established and appreciated part of the modern food scene today and here to stay.

Copenhagen was one of the very first to pick up natural wine on a broad scale and is today one of the epicenters for natural wine together with cities like Paris and London.

At the same time, the possibilities to gain knowledge about natural wine are very limited – while more and more food professionals work with these wines and consumer demand keeps going up.

NWS is a response to this situation. NWS is a series of lectures solely focusing on natural wine, forming a coherent education on the subject. Possibly the first, or at least one of the first, attempts at creating a formalized sommelier education on natural wine – in the world.

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Start date
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12 days
12-20.000 kr.

NWR deals with four main questions:

  • What is natural wine?
  • What kind of phenomena can be expected when a bottle of natural wine is opened?
  • What in the wine-making process is different than conventional wine-making?
  • Wine pairings – how to match wine & food? Is there a natural-wine-twist?

Additional info

What you will learn and experience

  • Insights and knowledge regarding the notion of “natural wine”
  • How natural wine relates to conventional, organic, and biodynamic wines
  • Visits to natural wine dealers and natural wine producers
  • Harvesting / fermenting grapes with a natural wine producer
  • The history of natural wine
  • The natural wine scene in specific areas, both geographically and culturally
  • The cause & effect in the sensory of natural wine
  • General principles in matching wine & food are presented.
  • Specific examples of wine pairings are experienced.
  • And of course, lots of wine – you´ll taste 10-15 wines at each module

The ambition with NWS is to offer an opportunity to turn natural wine inside & out and make the participant a sommelier in natural wine.

Lectures - overview

Get an overview of dates, themes and content of the different lecures.


You will become part of an eco-system of natural wine connoisseurs, food professionals, private enthusiasts and collectors, importers and dealers, restaurateurs, and other lovers of natural wines.

We would love to reconnect with some of our former students at the Copenhagen Hospitality College (Hotel- og Restaurantskolen), so there is a special discount for alumni.

Price, payment, dates and discounts

The course combines 12 days between the 21st of September 2021 and the 1st of March 2022.

Courses are mostly from 16.00-21.00.

Price: DKK. 20.000 ex moms

Price for former students of HRS: 40% discount, 12.000 ex moms

Payment can be divided into two installments, contact Connie Lyholmer: chl@hrs.dk for more information about the sign-up.


Uddannelsen er desværre ikke godkendt til positivlisten. En virksomhed kan søge om tilskud udenfor positivlisten, og så behandles ansøgningen enkeltvis. Man forventer at ansøgningen godkendes, men kan ikke garantere det. Det skal være selvvalgt uddannelse, og virksomheden vil kunne opnå tilskud på 140 kr. i timen i maksimalt 74 timer afhængig af medarbejderens tidligere brug af selvvalgt uddannelse.

For more information, please contact department head Johan K. Dal: jda@hrs.dk or 2496 2216

The teacher – Pontus Elofsson

We are very proud that this course will be taught by one of the most experienced educators on the subject, Pontus Eloffson.

Besides being a great sommelier and expert on the natural wine-making process, Pontus also has a great network of people within the natural wine world, some of whom you will meet as guests or visit during the course.

Pontus’ experiences include:

  • Independent company Doctor Krull consulting on natural wine 2020 
  • Educating about natural wine 2015 
  • Importing natural wine to Denmark & Sweden 2011 – 2020
  • Author of the natural wine book ”På Noma får man vin med klumper i” 2012
  • Sommelier/Manager at Noma 2004 – 2012
  • Sommelier at Pierre-André, Formel B, 1. sal th, Kroghs Fiskerestaurant, Era Ora 1999-2004
Pontus Elofsson is a teacher on the Natural Wine Sommelier course at Copenhagen Hospitality College.

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Questions regarding NWR? Please reach out.

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Johan K. Dal

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While taking a course at the school, you have several options for lunch.

  • The Restaurant. Employees, pupils, and course participants can eat a lunch menu made by our gastronomy pupils, and served by our waiter pupils.
  • Spisehuset. This is our canteen where you will find affordable green food.
  • Kaffebaren. This is the place to buy sandwiches, salads, fruit, and coffee.
  • Madboderne. When our pupils have made food, bread, ice cream, and cake - this is where you can taste it for yourself.
  • Bar' Kaf. If you have an urgent need for coffee, you will be served barista- quality coffee by our receptionist pupils.

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We have smoke free time at the school for everyone. That includes all social events, and it also applies outside of the school. 

The restriction bans all tobacco products including cigarettes, e-cigarrettes, and chewing tobacco.


If you have lessons in the kitchen, you have to wear an approved uniform. 

You can bring your own or borrow one from the school. 

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