Yaffa Søger kokkeelev

Yaffa søger kokkeelev




Middle Eastern flavours.






We cook our menu from the ground up. We cook with quality ingredients.


We believe in hand made, honest cooking. (We don’t open plastic bags in service and squeeze food out onto the plate).


We prep with music and move fast. The staff food is excellent because we like to cook and eat.


We are happy to give away our experience, skills and knowledge to a willing student.


Its a restaurant with a big atmosphere. Its fun.


In the kitchen we speak English and Danish.


We are not afraid of strong flavours.


We look to constantly improve on what we offer.






You will need to be able to move with pace from the morning to the evening.

You will need to be able to take and follow instructions.

You will look to improve on skills you already have and be hungry for more.

You must actually like food,  – its not only a job, its also your passion.