“Gastronomy is multicoloured”

Meet Lívia Paulik, who began her culinary career in the International Class of Culinary Arts back in 2013 and just graduated as a Gastronom med speciale i Smørrebrød og Catering:

– I come from Hungary, and was working as an event- and communication manager, when I met my husband, who was doing an internship in Budapest. When he finished, I moved to Denmark with him and quickly started looking for culinary courses. I like gastronomy and the science behind food and I felt it was a good way to get integrated as well. So I contacted the school, had an interview and started in October 2013.

– It was amazing. It gave me the basic insights into gastronomy and cooking methods and science, and I knew from the first day that I wanted to finish the whole education. I took extra Danish classes at a language school, and after I finished the International Class, I had a few months in skolepraktik, which really helped my Danish as well.

Lívia Paulik graduated as a Gastronom med speciale i Smørrebrød og Catering in March 2019. She plans to come back and finish as a chef as well.

Global and exciting ideas

– I am really happy that the school is opening the International Class again. We talk a lot about Nordic Cuisine, but gastronomy is really multicoloured. People from around the world bring new and exciting ideas to the Danish gastronomy scene.

Do you have any advice for new students?

– Keep an open mind, and listen to yourself. You have to make sure that this is something for you. And don’t be afraid to ask questions!

What are your plans for the future?

– I want to work with vegetarian and vegan food, sustainability and animal welfare. A couple of years from now, I would like to work with fine dining and show that vegetarian/vegan food can be just as interesting as meat dishes.

Interested? How do I apply?

You can only apply through the website: www.optagelse.dk. This is can be a difficult website to navigate. Therefore, it is to your advantage to visit the college, so that we can help you.

See more about admission requirements here.


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Otherwise, please contact international class coordinator Stephen Chase by mail smc@hrs.dk or student counsellor Leena Boman by mail lbo@hrs.dk or phone 3386 2290.