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Charcuterie Course

An education with a focus on craftsmanship

Charcuterie Course

The master course in charcuterie will drive you through the discovering and understanding of all those processes and techniques at the base of a great charcuterie product. The course is addressed to all those persons willing to learn and improve the charcuterie craftmanship, whether you are a chef, a stagiest or a passionate.

During the course you will develop and refine the necessary skills to cure, salt, smoke and marinate starting from a whole animal, nose to tail.

The 8 lectures will be distributed over 4 months and they will primarily take place on Monday and Tuesday from 9am until 4pm. We hope in this way to accomplish everyone needs. The course will be held at Folkets Madhus on Amager, Copenhagen S.

The goals for the master course:

  • To learn about pH measurements, water activity as well as food hygiene and safety
  • To handle half a pig and which craft products can be produced from it
  • To work with Danish and foreign charcuterie traditions - natural fermentation, salting, smoking and maturation
  • To understand the organic meat production and its role within a sustainable food system

At Copenhagen Hospitality School we pay a great attention on the quality and sustainability of raw materials and food waste management.

Therefore, we will only be working with ingredients that guarantees highest standards of sustainability, quality and transparency.

Get started

Start date
End date
8 days
8730 - 14.550 kr. ex. vat

What will you learn?

  • PH and water activity measurement, food hygiene and safety
  • Deboning of a whole animal and primal cuts
  • Starter cultures and natural fermentation
  • How to start a charcuterie production
  • Animal welfare and sustainability in meat production
  • Visit at a local farm

Additional Info

Important dates

Course sign up deadline: 31 of August 2022 (23:59)

Starting date: 19th of September 2022

Ending date: 6th of December 2022

Classes are mostly from 09.00 until 16.00*

*We will inform about possible time and dates variations in advance. 

Practical info and Rules

Students will receive a certificate of attendance and the studying material. 

Students will be provided with all the necessary equipment to attend the classes.


The classes will be primarely held at Folkets Madhus -  Raffinaderivej 20E, 2300 København.

General Rules

In order to receive the certificate, the student should attend all the classes. If the student has to miss any of the classes he/she needs to make sure to inform the teacher or the person in charge from HRS in advance. 


In order to guarantee your spot we ask that you pay a deposit of DKK. 2.500,00. You can get your deposit back by cancelling your submission one month before the starting date of the course. Please note the enrolment is complete only after the payment.

Once completed the application form we will send a deposit invoice to you. 

Price and Payment

Price: DKK. 14.550 plus vat.

Price for former students of HRS: 40% discount, 8730 ex. vat.

Payment can be divided into two or four installments, contact Connie Lyholmer: for more information about the sign-up.


Danish Food Academy:

Small and medium-sized food companies in Denmark have the opportunity to apply for subsidy for skills development through relevant programs.

If you want to know more about the possibilities, and get help to apply, you can contact the Danish Food Academy. They may have the right solution for you. 

If your company would like to be contacted you can fill in this form and you will be contacted by The Danish Food Academy, who will help you further on in the process.

If your employer is covered by a collective agreement, you can read more of the subsidy here:

In order to be able to apply for subsidy from a competence Funds, your employer must be covered by a collective agreement. You can read more about the possibilities here. 

Unfortunately, the Natural Wine Sommelier is not approved for the so-called positive-list, but a company can still apply for a subsidy and the application will be processed individually. It is expected that the application will be approved, but it’s not a guarantee.

Please be aware, that it has to be under condition of ‘self-selected’ education and the company will be able to obtain a subsidy of DKK 140 per hour for a maximum period of 74 hours, depending on the employee’s previous use of ‘self-selected’ education.

The teacher of the course

Your teacher would be the renowned butcher Michael Museth from Folkets Madhus. Michael is an entrepreneur and has years of experience as a butcher and as a chef.

In 2013 he founded Folkets Madhus and in 2016 he created the international network of butchers, Butchers Manifesto – both works to preserve the old traditions of butchery and to transfer knowledge and inspire younger generations to educate themselves within the trade.

Michael Museth underviser på Hotel- og Restaurantskolen. Her er han ved at lave charcuteri.

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Useful information

Food on the school

While taking a course at the school, you have several options for lunch.

  • The Restaurant. Employees, pupils, and course participants can eat a lunch menu made by our gastronomy pupils, and served by our waiter pupils.
  • Spisehuset. This is our canteen where you will find affordable green food.
  • Kaffebaren. This is the place to buy sandwiches, salads, fruit, and coffee.
  • Madboderne. When our pupils have made food, bread, ice cream, and cake - this is where you can taste it for yourself.
  • Bar' Kaf. If you have an urgent need for coffee, you will be served barista- quality coffee by our receptionist pupils.

Smoke-free school

We have smoke free time at the school for everyone. That includes all social events, and it also applies outside of the school. 

The restriction bans all tobacco products including cigarettes, e-cigarrettes, and chewing tobacco.


If you have lessons in the kitchen, you have to wear an approved uniform. 

You can bring your own or borrow one from the school. 

Read more about uniforms.


Reach out to our course-department:

Anna Fie Bak Johansson
Course administrator

Anna Fie Bak Johansson


Contakt me if you have practical questions about specific courses, like signing up, cancelling, class sizes, waiting lists etc.

Lene Vietz
Projekt- og kursuskonsulent

Lene Vietz

M: T: 22464613

Contact me with general questions about courses, teambuilding-options and events.

Marie Haahr Jensen
Faglig teamleder

Marie Haahr Jensen

M: T: 26708200

Contact me if you have ideas for new courses or collaborations, or if you want to arrange a tailor-made course for your organisation.