Hotel- og Restaurantskolen set fra Vigerslev Allé i Valby.

Copenhagen Hospitality College

Copenhagen Hospitality College is Northern Europe’s largest vocational college within the hospitality industry

Copenhagen Hospitality College

The college is known for strong academic standards and well-established ties both nationally and internationally. This allows our students to gain an education of high quality, focusing on the latest trends and knowledge within the hotel, restaurant and tourism industries.

Programmes offered at Copenhagen Hospitality College

  • Chef
  • Open-faced sandwich maker and caterer
  • Nutrition assistant
  • Waiter/waitress
  • Hotel receptionist
  • EUX – a mix between vocational education and upper secondary school
  • Tenth grade
  • International Class for Culinary Arts
  • Various management training courses
  • Adult educations

Please note that all educations are taught in Danish, except for the International Class for Culinary Arts, which is taught in English.

If you are from Sweden, we have a specific page for you. Check it out here.

We strive at creating a conducive environment for our students

By combining a rich historical tradition with a great deal of educational expertise dating back to 1922, Copenhagen Hospitality College strives to create a conducive environment for our students’ learning.

With room for approximately 2,000 pupils, students and course participants, the college features modern classrooms with brand new AV equipment and a large auditorium for lectures, events and much more.

Every year, we host a wide selection of major events, trade fairs and competitions, all beneficial for the learning environment as well – and our auditorium has become a gathering place for many different activities.

In other words, at Copenhagen Hospitality College, we take pride in educating and preparing our students in the best possible manner for an exciting career within the hospitality sector.